Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sample 3 - Appraisal Feedback - Exceeds Expectation

Sample 3 - Appraisal Feedback - Exceeds Expectation

Work Delivery 

Uses effective approaches to accomplish the task. Has ability to identify and understand the problems and opportunities. Has ability to look into the project from bigger angle. Provided comments to Req doc of MC 2 and thus helped the product management team to filled up the gaps. SME on CB and MC product line. Proved ability to come up with detailed and exhaustive test cases/test scenarios. Has an attention of detail approach. Always look for how best he can do. 

Product and Domain understanding 

Gained knowledge on CB, MC product line.  Very good understanding on the domain which helped him to derive many test scenarios. 


An excellent team player.  Always ready to help others. Imparted trainings to the new joiners. Shares information on domain knowledge with others. Mingles well with Team members and cross team members, asks and takes input from others.


Suggested many enhancements to make the product better. Made a feasibility study of ABC tool and made analysis and incorporated in MC 2 test case writing. Provided many ideas to use QC more effectively. Flexible in nature and ready to put extra hours as on when required.
Has got high degree of positive energy and keep others motivated. Always willing to go extra mile. Helps other to achieve their goals. Takes initiative and proposes ideas to do the task more effectively


Mingles well, asks and takes input from others. Helps other team members proactively. Effectively communicates and proactively raised gaps in Req doc in MC 2. Attentive to customer need.  

Manager's Rating - Exceeds Expectation

Strong Area:
1. Technical skill and knowledge on QA process
2. Product and Domain knowledge 

Improvement Area:
1. Need to take more responsibility and ownership
2. Effective communication

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sample 2 - Appraisal Feedback - Exceeds Expectation

Sample 2 - Appraisal Feedback - Exceeds Expectation

Work delivery 

Performs her task with due diligence, with very high quality and most of the time ahead of the schedule. Got many appreciations from onsite team. Takes complete ownership of the task given. Puts effort to collect information from all the sources, analyzes and then take a decision out of it. Due to her precision/perfection in the work done, she has acquired additional responsibility. In a very short time period she picked up and took complete ownership of two very critical task R and S Patch testing. In automation front as well she proved to be as quick learner and provided a quality deliverables. Often exceeds the expectation.

Product and Domain understanding 

Puts effort beyond expectation to acquire product and domain knowledge. 

Team Bonding

Imparted trainings to the new joiners proactively. Many times she helped others to resolve their issues. Attended training on xyz with due diligence and showed improvement to a great extent. An excellent team player.  Prefers to come to a conclusion. Demonstrated high degree of positive energy in the team. Extend her help to Dev team to the Env creation and configuration issues. Maintains a very good relationship with other team members and always ready to help others to achieve their goal (MC 2 testing for an example)


Has complete sense of ownership of the task given. Proactively takes ownership and always tries her best to give her 100% and go beyond the expectation. Took ABC – code refactoring task proactively and came out with success with minimal guidance on Automation. Hard working and has an attention to detail and perfection. Completes her task very neatly. Demonstrates high degree of flexibility and quickly adjust to any changes. Suggested ideas to improve SM patch testing and was accepted by onsite team. 


Effectively communicates, keeps updated about the progress update and raise a concern if any issue faced before it goes to critical state. Does her task keeping organization interest in her mind. Very attentive to customer need.

Manager's Rating - Exceeds Expectation

Strong Area
1. Sense of ownership to the task given and personal commitment
2. An attention to detail and perfection in the completed task

Improvement Area
1. Enhance skill in new technologies/tools 
2. Enhance skill in Performance Testing

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sample 1 - Appraisal Feedback

Sample 1 - Appraisal Feedback

Work Delivery

Fulfilled expectation in terms of completion of the assigned task. (P Patch, P and S TC writing, MC 2 project). He performs the assigned task with due diligence. He puts effort to enhance his skill. He takes time to understand something but the understandings are clear. He demonstrates flexibility in working in diff product line (C and MC 2 simultaneously). Need to be more effective on his contribution towards productivity part.

Product and Domain understanding 

Gained knowledge on C, MC product line and on Online Banking domain as expected. 

Team Bonding

He mingles well, asks and takes input from others. He shares information on his own expertised area to others. Imparted trainings to the new joiners


Takes ownership of the assigned task. Needs to come out with more effective way of doing task and thus improve on his productivity. Shows positive energy and willing to go extra mile with little guidance.


He communicates with the peers/devs related to his own task. Communicated to onsite team for MC project. Has a sense of ownership to the tasks assigned. Raise a concern early and inform if he is not able to do the task given.

Manager's Rating - Meets Expectation

Strong Area- 
1. He performs his task with due diligence.
2. He has got positive attitude.

Improvement Area - 
1. He needs to enhance his effectiveness in terms of productivity towards project work.
2. Needs to show some proactive approach to the project need and actively participate in team communication.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sample: How to fill up Appraisal Form ( by a Test Manager)

Sample: How to fill up Appraisal Form ( by a Test Manager)


 Coordinated with the cross team (dev/doc/qa/dev/recruitment/IT) for the required information. Shared project updates with the team members. Conducted 1:1 with the team members and listened to them carefully. Always set the goals/expectation to the team members and also shared the vision/big picture behind it. Asked for the feedback/opinion from the onsite manager/local Manager as on when required. Coordinated with onsite and keep them updated about the project progress on regular basis with adequate information. Discussed about the Future work, Test strategy and Hiring part with onsite manager. Understood the client need and suggested suitable solution on the project work and thus won client trust within a very short span of time.

Team Play:

Helped the team members to achieve their goals. Always looked for their strong area and utilized on them and helped the team members to overcome the improvement areas. Maintained a very good rapport with all the team members. Gave lot of suggestion on their project work. Gave the team members an honest feedback as on when required both for positive as well as for improvement area. Encouraged and gave positive reinforcement to boost up their productivity. Recognized the team members for their achievements/Appreciated in team meeting based on the weightage of their achievements/initiative taken. Showed team members care and respect to them. Coached the team members to make them self sufficient as much as possible. Motivated the team members to do their best.

Work Output:

Accomplished work with utmost sincerity and due diligence. Completed each of the assigned tasks in whole and within time. Always took the complete ownership of the task given. Took guidance/inputs from manager as on when required but made sure the assigned task is done completely and delivered with high quality. Proactively made a list of the tasks and worked towards achieving those goals. Always put 100% to the work and tried to excel in each of the task executed. Always strived for high quality in all the deliverables. Made sure to gain product/domain knowledge which helped me to make a better plan and guide the team members and thus managed the team better. Took part in reviewing the Test Artifacts prepared by the team members and driving the issue faced by the team to closure. Took effort to gather the pertaining data and made an analysis and took an optimum decision out of it. Eager in learning in nature and hence looked for every opportunity to upgrade myself on professional knowledge /skill. Attended several trainings during the period with utmost sincerity (Manager Foundation Program, QC, Performance Appraisal and few sessions by Testing council team). Excellence in task completed helped me to gain client confidence and thus was able to take the QE team from 0 to 12 member team in a less than a year.

New Ideas:

Made sure the resources are effectively utilized and took proactive action on preparing back up resources for critical work and training resources for the upcoming work. Took initiative to expand the Automation skill within the team. Gave many ideas related to day to day work to perform better and getting higher productivity. Took initiative on capturing the knowledge on troubleshooting areas, Query tracker, QC implementation, Test Case repository build up, Preparing closure report etc. Proactive in making a list of item what the team can take up during lean period or if Plan A does not work and thus utilized the team effectively.


Always look at the problem as an opportunity for learning. Approached to problem with a can-do attitude. Think hard and explored all the possible solution before taking any decision. Thought about the pros and cons of each of the solution; made analysis and found out the best solution to be applied. Flexible in nature – sometime if required put effort beyond the office hour/ from home to deliver the committed deliverables within the time. Positive and flexible in nature.


Quality Deliverables – Accomplish work completely and with utmost diligence. 
Commitment – Take full ownership of the task and deliver on time.                                       
Proactive in Approach and Focused & Positive in nature.

Improvement areas:

Presentation skill and skill on selling an idea

Next year's goals:

Bring more Testing Maturity (Expansion of Automation skill, Taking presentation in Organisation level from the team, KB article preparation –Knowledge Management etc)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sample: How to fill up Appraisal Form ( by a Junior Test Engineer)

Sample: How to fill up Appraisal Form ( by a Junior Test Engineer)

A1 - Quality of work:

1. The area I have tested , no bugs were found later from customer side.
2. The customer issues which I verified, no complaints were raised from customer side later.
2. My work has been appreciated by manager, developer. (Attached are the mails)

email 1:"..........."

A2 - Work Output:

I have worked on the following releases last year.

i. 7.2 Sp3
ii. 7.5 Sp2
iii. PM
iv. 7.2 SP4
v. 7.5 FP3
vi. 7.7 FP1

Major contribution on the above releases

i. 7.2 SP3 - Verified 17 customer issues, mostly Billing side and server side area. Most of the issues were severity 2 issues.

ii. 7.5 SP2 - I did the regression for B module.
Successfully installed and configured this component.
I executed 46 test cases out of 69 test cases.
The challenge was huge and it was completely new area.  Here is the onsite manager's comment "..............."

iii. PM
I single handed managed this module. I communicated with the developer and collected the specification. I also used to prepared status report daily for the test case execution and any issues found. Also communicated to onsite manager directly for the work progress on daily basis.

iv. 7.2 SP4
I verified 8 issues out of which 5 was customer issues. Apart from this i did regression of G (90%) , B(82%) and also did smoke testing of I (Hp-UX), P (Hp-UX, solaris), R (HP-UX, Solaris and Win XP)
and B ((HP-UX, Solaris and Win XP) modules

v. 7.5 FP3
Mentored new people. Helped team members in the regression areas. ( Mr. P - for G module)
I did regression testing for CON module which was new to me.
Verified 6 issues out of which 2 was customer issues.
Raised 10 issues.
Performed Smoke testing of the following modules:

B - Solaris and HP-UX
I - Solaris and HP-UX
P - Solaris and HP-UX
R- Solaris and HP-UX
PT on Win Xp

A3 - Accountability:

I have completed my assigned work within specified time across all the releases as mentioned above. If required i came on weekend and finished off my job and thus met the deadline.
For instance

A4  - Required knowledge base:

My responsibility includes
Regression testing
Issue verification
Raising issue
Writing Test cases
Smoke testing
Installation and Configuration
Mentoring New joinees
Helping other team members in my expertise areas

I am successfully doing all the above responsibilities which imply my knowledge to perform my role effectively.

I am self driven and always prioritized my work and completed as per the schedule. My goal is not only raise the issue but also follow up with the developer and get it fixed and thus deliver a high quality product.

A5 - Team work:

No complains from team mates
I get along with everyone very easily.

I helped below mentioned people on their task apart from my assigned work which implies I am always ready to help my team mates and am very good team player.

Rsdad - GL
Pgfg - B
Sghfh - MC
Rgdgh - B
Dfgdg - AT
Wghgg - Verification of customer issues

Apart from this I have given TOI to following colleagues

Pfgd - GL
Bfdh - B - Showed installation and configuration and explained functionalities of the test cases
Phfh and Vcgcgh - P module - Showed installation and configuration and explained functionalities of the test cases.
I have so far worked with Rfgdg ( 7.2 sp3) ; with Sghfgf (7.5 Sp2); withVfgdfg(7.2 Sp4); with Aghf (7.7 FP1 7.5 FP3) without any problem.

A6 - Communication:

I prepared MOM of weekly status report and published it to my team
For my raised issues, developer never asks for more info which implies i wrote the reproduction steps correctly. (CQ can be referred)
The test cases which i have written are well understood by a new person.

When my mail id got removed from the alias I asked my manager and onsite manager to send me mail separately anticipating a risk of missing a mail.
While planning a long vacation i always communicated to my manager well before the time so that in my absence work should not get hampered.

A7 - Flexibility and Ability to change priority:

I have been assigned with a number of regression areas. First  I concentrated on core areas and then the additional modules. Thus i prioratize my work. Also if there is any customer issues , I always  make it a point to complete that task first. I have always been performing multiple tasks successfully as mentioned in A4 point.

A8 - Initiative :

I am part of quality forums and taking part of preparing templates and giving inputs.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sample 1 : How to fill up Appraisal Form ( by a Test Engineer)

Sample 1 : How to fill up Appraisal Form ( by a Test Engineer)


Clearly communicated to Team members, Manager.
Provided the status to Manager without fail/followup from Manager.
Asked for guidance to manager clearly whenever needed.
Communicated well to cross team members, lead and manager.
Communicated via email/conf call with onsite team members/leads and managers.


I have exceeded the target in the execution of test cases. Executed x test cases/week, target was y test cases/week
As my responsibilities also include many report generation , follow up and helping the team members ,still I am able to maintain to achieve the target as an individual contributor along with lead activities.
Always try to find out new ways to accomplish the work and thus be more productive. e.g - give few examples.

Process Compliance:

Always followed up the process.
After writing the Test Plan document for WU module sent it for review (internal- Dev team, external -onsite Team)
Followed the Team track process.
Followed up the TD process e.g. changing the status of test cases accordingly to pass/fail/blocked/NA.
Always make sure to put defect id against the Failed test cases. For cross reference please check Test Director.
Creating the User Stories/Tasks in the Xplanner
Regularly updating the Tasks in the XPlanner

Task Effectiveness:

Timely escalated project specific issues to manager,Dev team,Onsite QE counter part.
Towards the end of AU release, module testing came which was not planned earlier. Still maintained the productivity and delivered a high quality while testing Modules as part of AU release.
Few mails attached as proof.

Test Execution:

This year I worked on the following projects and always met the target date.
Core Components:
MA with AU 7.0
Linux support for AU 7.0
License Reporting AU 7.0 SP1
O release - WU as individual contributor and guiding OU module

Meeting Deadline:

Always met the timeline.
For AU7.0SP1 could finish the assigned tasks before the scheduled date and took some tasks from onsite QE team which was assigned to them initially.

Quality of Defects raised:

Raised defects with all the details. Zero complaints from offshore and onsite team.
I have filed 69 issues in this year. Attached is the excel sheet. Among these 2 are not a bug and hence actual count is 67.
Severity wise distribution is as follows.
Sev1 - 3
Sev2 - 24
Sev3 - 24
Sev4 - 16
QQ = 3x4+24x3+24x2+16x1=148
I have 2 bugs as invalid i.e 2/69=2.89% which is much below than the limit allowed

Verification of Defects:

Verified the pending_validation issues on time.
Verified and closed 44 issues in this year. Severity wise distribution is as follows. Attached is the excel sheet for details.
Sev1 - 3
Sev2 - 8
Sev3 - 17
Sev4 - 16

Test Plan and Test Case Development:

Regularly updating the Test cases in the Test director.
Adding test cases wherever gap is found.
Passing the relevant test cases after verifying the issue.
License Reporting, AU 7.0 - Created the test cases
For cross reference, Test Director can be checked.
Reviewed the Test Plan created by F and gave comments. (mail attached)
Reviewed the Test Plan created by other team members. (mail attached)
Reviewed the PRD and gave comments to PM. (Mail attached)
Written test cases covering the 100% requirements.
Test cases are detailed enough to be understood by a new person to the product.
No majore issues found in the created TestPlan and TestCases.
Always adhered to the date for submitting Test Plan and Test Cases for review.

Bonding with Team Members:

I have worked with the following people this year.
Zero complaints from team members working with me
Zero complaints from other team members in MA QE team
Zero complaints from Dev team
Zero complaints from Onsite QE and Dev team
[January To March] - [RR ] - [Krishna, P, A and K]
[April To May] - [MA],[Linux Support ]-[K,P,De,R]
[June]-[License Reporting Testing] - [Krishna and Dev by A]
[July To September] - [AU7.0SP1 and support of 6 modules]-[K,A,S]
[October To December]-[O Release]-[K,A,D,R]

Knowledge Sharing:

Imparted trainings to H(xplanner) and B(Test Director, team Track) by scheduled date
Gave inputs on AU Test cases to D and R who joined the team.
Shared environment set up with Dev team to help them to fix the issue. [Feedback from K can be taken]
Helped Doc team to set up the environment from the scratch for some reference. [Feedback from V can be taken]

Extra Achievement:

Received two times MVP [Most Valuable Player] Award in QE Team
1. Got appreciation from onsite QE manager J. [Mails can be produced as proof]
You and your team did a really good job on the MA7.0.1 release.  ..............
Regards,  J
"You are making great strides and I applauded your efforts and your results up to this point.  Keep up the good work.  " -J
2. Got good feedback from L for project report and planning
"Great report K!  " - L
3. Takes interview for QE position.
4. Got good feedback from Manager about understanding the requirement and answering after that. [Attached email]
"Thanks K. This is perfect. You understand requirements correctly and reply to the point. Please keep up this strength."

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sample : Award Nomination

Sample : Award Nomination

K has done a great job in testing & managing the testing team. Not only she has tested this product but 
gained the knowledge which is required to improve the product’s quality in the long run. Because of the 
change in test strategy suggested by K and digging the information in Test Director the product AU is in 
a much better shape as compared to the previous version. Also K has taken care of her team well and 
always exceeded the productivity expectations.

P has done a great job in testing AUS module.  She has raised many issues and thus stabilizes this area as 
this area was never tested thoroughly before. She has always worked beyond expectation and takes 
complete ownership of the tasks. She has also contributed towards M release and delivered a quality 
product. She always comes out with her own strategy to execute the test cases faster and her productivity 
output is much higher. Also she contributed towards license testing which was completely new area to 

A has done a great job in testing SI modules.  SI being a complex & high business volume module needed 
special attention and A has done the work beyond expectations. Because of the efforts and hard work put 
in by A, the product was delivered much ahead of schedule to the customer.  
(Appreciation email attached. Customer appreciation snippets can be mentioned here.)